Can You Put It Down?

   Image In this day and age it deeply disturbs me to think that children sit inside and stare at some kind of electronic device, whether it’s a tablet, cell phone or laptop they spend hours upon hours inside, not being active and most importantly not gaining the valuable moments that childhood has to offer. If you are a parent you should be setting limits to the amount of time your child can use such technology, not only the time but when and where they can use it. Personally I don’t believe that a child should even have a cell phone until their mid teens. However this just may be because I and probably most of you have grown up in a time without all this technology.

    By now you all know that Social Media is becoming a severe problem! I cannot remember the last time I was at a family function or just hanging out with friends and not witnessing someone being completely oblivious to their surrounding because they were on some form of social media. Quite frankly I find it extremely rude to be on your phone checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc while in the company of others. So for this holiday season I am going to be leaving my phone home during thanksgiving in order to be fully engaged with family and friends. Not only will I leave my phone home and avoid social media on the day of thanks, I will be asking all my family members as well to turn their electronic devises off as well. My hope is that we can all sit and eat dinner without anyone staring at their phone or Instagramming pictures of the dinner “instead of enjoying it”.

So for my readers I would also like to ask you to do the same, leave your phone home or turn it off for the day of thanks and enjoy the precious moments with friends and family. Better yet if you want to take it to another level see how long you can go without some form of social media. Get back to me and let me know what happens!

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On behalf of Living in the Media I want to wish all the readers a Very Happy Thanksgiving!



Social Media Machine Destroying Human Emotions

       When I was growing up I could remember playing outside all day with the neighborhood kids, this is how I’ve built friendships that to this day are going strong. These face to face interactions, in my belief have helped shaped my personality as well as my values and beliefs overall shaping me into the person I am today! I can guarantee that most of you reading this would agreworlde that’s probably how you remember growing up and forming friendships and sharing values etc. However today the youth is more concerned with their digital image rather than how they present themselves in person, Friendships and relationships revolve around a screen and some words, sometimes for millions to see.

       This radical change in communication could have a negative effect on today’s youth. Danika Roberts, a Mental Health Clinical Supervisor says  “Whether you’re male or female, it can affect you in different ways but it’s a huge impact on the decisions our youth are making,”  In an article published on the KLEWTV website called “Social Media and Our Youth Findings.” by Veronica Miracle. I am a in what I believe to be the last generation that will have a normal childhood, by this I mean playing outside, forming friends through face to face interactions etc. The children nowadays form their relationships mainly thru text messages and social media networking, making them “popular” by how many friends like a photo of theirs, or status update. Instead of having to ask a girl out face to face kids these days do it over some form of digital media, and That’s is just lame.


Photo: Jeff Gross/ Getty Images

Although social media is changing the ways we relate to one another even adults must be weary.  The internet allows you to hide behind a screen and pretend to be anyone you want, allowing people with good intentions to become “Catfished” by others. Even celebrities have been fooled by cyber relationships; one celebrity duped by social media relationships is Manti Te’o. Manti built a relationship with a woman named “Lennay,Kekua” thru the use of social media. However   “Lennay Kekua, never existed, despite the fact that the two   exchanged countless messages over the Internet, reportedly spoke for hours on the telephone and supposedly even met.” Said Montgomery, James in his article “Manti Te’o Hoax: ‘Catfish’ Star Nev Schulman Weighs In.”.

So is social media having a negative impact on today’s youth? Unfortunately there is not enough evidence to make that determination at this time because the social media machine has evolved so quickly that the long term effects for emotional development and interpersonal relationships upon our youth are just not known.


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