The Social Media Machine changing your Workplace?

The Social Media Machine changing your Workplace?.


Sharing Ourselves to Death?

Sharing Ourselves to Death?.



    Social media has had a profound influence in every single person’s life, whether they notice it or not. Social media has enabled people to connect with each other in a way never thought possible, not only has it allowed people to communicate instantly with one another it has given them an outlet to directly communicate with billions of people throughout the world. This has given people the unique opportunity to voice their comments, questions, concerns or whatever else it is they have to say to billions of people almost instantaneously! This has undoubtedly changed a lot of things in our lives, however it has also allowed people with the same ideology’s to connect and form groups or movements making it easier to protest on a massive scale. I believe that networking through social media platforms like twitter and Facebook will be the forefront for social political movements and it gives the people the ability to FORCE some serious changes in politics.

           hggjgh Before the internet people would use the radio or televisions as a way to communicate messages or news, but since the integration of Social media networking, news and other current events spread like wildfires throughout the world. This allows people to voice their opinion and to confide in others that share the same views, connecting these people for a purpose in this case political ideology. In 2001 Philippine President Joseph Estrada went on trial to be impeached, however partisans to Estrada in the Filipino Congress voted to dismiss crucial evidence against him ultimately setting the path for his freedom. A few hours after the announcement to dismiss the evidence, Filipinos took to the streets in outrage that their crooked president was about to get off the hook Scott free. The protest was organized mostly by forwarding text messages that read, “Go 2 EDSA. Wear blk.”. EDSA is short for Epifanio de los Santos Avenue which is the location of a major intersection in Manila. Within days millions of angry citizen have crowed downtown area, jamming traffic and disrupting businesses. The enormous and hasty response shook the country’s legislators so much so that they were forced to allow the dismissed evidence to be admitted into the trial. This event is significant because it was the first time Social media was used to help force a national leader out of his position, and is a perfect example of the public using Social Media to incite revolution and political change. hghf

Protesting has taken on a whole new form since the generation of social media. Since the dawn of the social media machine protests can be organized and implemented within hours, getting the message across to millions of like-minded people promptly and bringing them together quickly to provoke political and or civil changes. This is rapidly becoming the most effective way to mobilize the public as one to fight for a common goal, and it is my opinion the best possible method to utilize in order to encourage the type of worldwide governmental change that’s needed to solidify our planets wellbeing and to sustain the human race. Actor Russell Brand in an interview with Jeremy Paxman was asked to explain why anybody should pay attention to a guy’s political ideology who has not once voted in his life? Russell goes onto rant about how their just isn’t anyone he feels worth voting for, mainly because he doesn’t like the way the current governmental system is set up and in effect is only designed to enhance the life of a few people. Russell states their needs to be a revolution, saying “A movement for the people, by the people, in the service of the land.“ insinuating that we all need come together to better the people and mother earth instead of falling into the continuous trend of voting for people who do nothing but lie and use politics to better themselves.

I fully agree with Russell on his ideology, and the only reason I know what his thoughts are is because of social media, this is just a small yet very powerful example of how social media can be used to change the course of politics. Philippine President Joseph Estrada is yet another fine example of Social Media initiating and contributing to the political change. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Word press these are just some of the social media platforms we the public need to utilize in order to voice our opinions, concerns, comments and to come together to force the types of changes that are needed in today’s societies in order to better ourselves and to better the earth and most importantly preserve our world for future generations. They are the stepping stones to a brighter future where the people take charge and where nonviolent civil disobedience through social networking will allow the public to overthrow any inert governing force that has the audacity to steal, lie, and or murder their peoples. How will YOU use Social Media is better mankind for the future?

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