Telling Transformation Texting vs. Talking

Changing your ways?

Tinkers Twitters on Technology


Making people reachable is what technology has been created to do, but I wonder if it has done the complete opposite. In a society that relies heavily on an array of devices used to communicate, has the art of conversation been lost?

I remember once I wrote a letter to someone and they actually cried, worried I wondered if I did something wrong, but they were just so happy to get a hand written letter that they were overwhelmed. Now- what kind of world do we live in where we get teary eyed over hand written letters? This one; cause not so far after a friend of mine wrote me a letter and it made me so happy that I still have it. At times I wonder what caused us to get to this point….and in a conversation with another friend I realize it’s because of technology. We are…

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